Lighted Playfield Art

Lighted Playfield Art

This page describes the process for a lighted playfield or a silhouette piece as well as other treatments.

All playfields are cleaned, stripped of parts, and inserts will be added where missing.

Overall a standard lighted playfield piece will have:

  • Lighted animated playfield inserts and any additional hardware you request. (additional costs may apply)
  • Lighted pop bumpers (limited to 6 max). Original caps if available. Some can still be ordered.
  • Staged flippers (non lit)
  • Blackout to hide playfield holes or custom illustrated plastics as seen below.
  • 3 inch frame around the piece with a rear finish panel to both hide the wiring and lift the piece from the wall.
  • Playfield is finished with clear coat of polyurethane

Standard animated lighting is full color-changing LED, wall powered. Battery operated is available but will not be color-changing. Wall powered Micro-mini lamps are also available. These have a multi-function setting for varied animation.

All playfields are for sale for your restoration project. Our mission has always been to give these things a second chance.

Pick Your Playfield

We get new playfields in all the time so feel free to ask if you have a specific title in mind.

Here you can select a playfield or multiples you’re interested in and submit a quote.

*Playfield parts are not for sale.


Lighted Playfield Back Panel
Back side of lighted playfields

I add a black frame around all modern playfields. Woodrails will have the top wooden playfield frame and separate rear frame when available.

I add a back panel with brass grommets behind the playfield to both protect the wiring and raise it from your wall. I add a heavy wire through the grommets for easy wall hook hanging.

Wall powered units have a 6 foot fabric braided decorative cord. There is no on/off switch option at this time.

Suggested wall hanging

Standard lighted playfields are 24 x 44 with the frame. They typically weigh no more than 28 lbs.

These wall hooks and anchors are rated up to 100 lbs. For plaster I’ve used the OOK for years. I’ve had a lot of luck with the Hurricane Hooks in drywall.