Pinball Playfields

Here is the stock I have available for commissioned works.

They will be cleaned, sanded and framed behind the playfield to encase the lighting and lift it from the wall for a level hang.

Playfields generally come completely stripped. I don’t sell fully populated playfields. The parts have been sold for pinball restoration. Fully populated playfields are really heavy too.

Examples of finished works:

1. Pick your playfield

I can light up playfields for wall hanging with a variety of options. Available playfields are shown below. I generally group them by theme. Note new playfields are coming in at all times so availability subject to change.

2. Pick your lighting

The next option is the lighting. I have 2 main styles I use.
Color changing large LEDs. I use these a lot for machines less than 100 inserts. Or older machines like woodrails that would not have had anything more than solid on/off lamps.

Microlamps. These are incandescent lamps that produce little heat but are small enough that I add lighting to tight real estate. Note the Baby Pacman has over 125 lamps but about 70 are positioned in the center area where all the inserts are.

8 function light patterns:

  • Solid On
  • Steady burn
  • Slow fade
  • Flashing growing lights
  • 3 Twinkling speeds
  • Dancing

3. Pick your options

Everything is customizable. I can add playfield hardware as well. I do, however, recommend keeping it to a minimum. The more hardware, the heavier the wall hanger.

  • pop bumpers
  • playfield posts
  • staged flippers can bring out the 3D element.

5. Finalize

Finally, I will add a rear rail and panel with brass grommets behind the playfield to both protect the wiring and raise it from your wall. I add a wire through the grommets for easy wall hook hanging.


I suggest you purchase something like this. They’re rated up to 100lbs. My lit playfields never exceed 30lbs.