Grand Champ Gramps



Grand Champ Gramps
26 x 30 in
Vintage pinball cabinet collage

I got this beat up awesomely graffitied pinball cabinet and I LOVE reading the etchings of kids from decades ago. Before machines had the ability to record high scores in their solid state score displays, kids would use a marker, pen, pencil, or sometimes a pocket knife to etch their victories into the cabinet for all to see.

What’s super awesome about this particular piece is the recurrence of “GRAMPS” who seemingly kicked everyone’s ass at pinball time and again. He had no problems carving his name into history.

This piece has been polyurethane coated to preserve the paint for a long time. The back side has been framed and a cover panel protects your wall. Wired and ready to hang!

All pinball pieces are packed very well in plastic and to ensure your piece arrives in perfect condition.

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Grand Champ Gramps

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 3 × 32 in